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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I've been absent.

I'm not only talking about from social media and this blog. I've been absent from myself, trying to fit myself into a mold that wasn't meant for me. Into a life that's a little too tight around the collar.

I'm a stubborn person. I think most people kind of are. So when that little voice deep inside started telling me I was traveling down the wrong life-path so many years ago, I ignored it at first. After a while, I started listening, but by that point I'd invested so much in this new path that I wasn't about to change course without seeing it through. So what if the destination wasn't something I truly wanted?

I knew I was going the wrong way and keep trekking onward.

See? Stubborn.

The first step back to "me" was taken almost two years ago. I'd decided to finally write a book -- finally achieve one of my "someday" goals. I needed to do something for myself, because it had become painfully clear that I wasn't me anymore. Gathering Water is a story about a girl discovering herself, and writing it was a desperate attempt to find myself again, after so long.

It didn't work overnight. I didn't wake up one day, look around, and see my life exactly how I wanted it to look. In fact, it's still not that way. My life is... chaos. It's harder than it's ever been. Grownupping is agonizingly difficult sometimes (can I get an Amen?). But finally, I feel like I'm traveling the right way. Writing my first book started that journey, and it's one I'm still on and will be on for a while. Like I said, I've known I was on the wrong path for a while. But I'm finally doing something about it.

Part of this whole "doing something" that I'm talking about is jumping in. Jumping into my career and having a rewarding life. Jumping into becoming a "real girl" that my daughters can look up to instead of a puppet-person dreaming of a blue fairy coming to rescue them.

I'll be my own Blue Fairy, thank you very much.

The point of this post? I'm not sure, other than to let you know you'll be seeing a lot more of me from now on. No more half assing in my life. We'll call it my #UtopiaConResolution, which you know about if you're one of the amazing people who were in Nashville for this incredible con this June. Basically, this year I'm trying, and I thought that you should know. ;)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cover Contest!!

Hey. Gathering Water has been entered into a contest for best cover! If you liked it, you should go vote! And tell your friends and family to vote for their favorite too...

Personally, I'm IN LOVE with my cover. Like, true love, forever and ever. What do you guys think? How much does a cover draw you to a book? Have you ever bought a book based on the art? Which type of design are you drawn to the most? Do you have a favorite?? Let me know in the comments!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Go Home Muse, You're Drunk

Ah, wife work.
It's Tuesday morning, and I wake up from the most incredibly vivid dream. I start my daily routine (make coffee, iron, feed the kiddos), and my brain just won't stop thinking about it. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that it had the beginnings of a really interesting story idea.

SO as soon as I have a moment, I pull out a notebook and pen and start jotting down notes, needing to get it on paper before it leaves my head forever. But the notes turn into a weird rough outline, and my outlines ALWAYS turn into actual writing. When it's time to get my oldest ready for school, I'm reluctant to leave my spot on the couch where I'm surrounded by scrawled-on paper... but I have to. I'm distracted though, itching to get more thoughts down. When I finally get her out the door (basically pushing her into her grandfathers hands, since he is her morning chauffeur), I toss a bottle in the general direction of the baby and run to my computer and write.

And write.

I look a little like this... but a little crazier.
and not a man.
I'm a maniac. Gleefully typing away, and only coming up for air when mine or the babies bodily functions require it. Before I know it, it's three o'clock and my oldest is back from school. I look down at the computer and realize I've spent the entire day at my computer, and had written a whopping (for me) amount of words for the day.

That night I took my notebook to bed with me, the only compromise I could come up with since I desperately needed both SLEEP and more writing time (to be fair, I always desperately need more sleep). Wednesday morning I pumped out another complete chapter no problem, and yesterday took a fair amount of notes (I was too afraid if I sat down to type that I wouldn't get back up again)...

My muse has FINALLY settled enough so that I'm not constantly thinking about it. Which is good, because a little Ms. Anise needs to have her story written asap. Plus the whole Gathering Water book 2 thing.

... Not this type of fantasy.
What does this mean for you? Nothing really, other sometime in the (probably distant) future you'll be getting a story that is completely outside my current preferred genre of YA. Because this is not YA, at all. Or NA....  Strictly adult fantasy.

The point of this blog entry??? Um... I'm not sure. But, I can now officially consider myself an artist, since an idea for a book came from a dream. Haha. I'm one of 'those people' now. I HATE 'those people'. 

I'm joking, of course.
Also... no children were harmed, or ignored, while I was writing. For reals. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's next?

Okay, so this last saturday I officially became an Author... well, I published my first book at least.

You can get it on by clicking here.It's only $2.99. Yes, that's cheaper than your favorite coffee!!! If you're an Amazon Prime member, and have a Kindle device, then you can also borrow it for FREE.

But that's not what this blog post is about. Not really at least. I'm really letting the world know what other projects I have in the works... You know, if I tell people about them, then I HAVE to finish them, right?

I just started a short story earlier this week. It's based in the same world as Gathering Water, but centers around Della's (Gathering Water's protagonist) grandmother. It's a little more romance than fantasy, and borders a little more on the NA side of the genre. If you've read Della's book already, then you know about Anise through the journal entries, and this will be her story. One of young love, and heartbreak, and how that can change a person. I'm hoping to release it by late April, and it will be FREE. I have several other short story/novella ideas based in this world, so this will be the first of MANY.

Of course, I have book 2 in the Gathering Water series. Release will be this upcoming Fall if everything goes a planned, and will deal with Della's discovery at the end of Gathering Water. We'll find out more about the Elfennol world, what the Clades are really all about (are they really evil, or just a darker shade of gray?) and Della's place in it all. Working title is Tempering Earth... but don't hold me to that. Haha.

There's also this project that I am IN LOVE with. I was working on it before Della started screaming in my head for attention. It's more adult fantasy, and each book in the series will be a VERY loose portrayal of a fairy tale. Because I love me some fairy tales. I have NO IDEA when it will be finished, or released, since the Gathering Water series will trump anything new until book 3 is out.

Stay tuned for updates... I'll be posting about a GIVEAWAY tomorrow, so be sure to check in an enter!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Why I Write What I Write

A little over a week ago I published my first novel, Gathering Water. Since then, I've been... amazed by the great feedback I've gotten for it. Of course I love my book, and I love my characters... but to have other people love them too? People that don't know me to love what I write, well, it gives me a very warm and tingly feeling.

I wanted to tell you a little about why I chose this genre (as much as any author chooses what to write, at least). I have two daughters. Funny, crazy, brilliant daughters. I want them to read, want them to love the written word as much as I do. I want them to be influenced by the words they read, to find meaning in books, find glimpses of other worlds.

One day, I took a look around at this YA genre that has been going crazy on my Kindle the last several years, and I didn't like what I saw. There were too many "Bella's" and not enough "Hermione's". That is, the heroines in the stories weren't the type that I wanted my daughters to emulate. There weren't enough role models. While I'm THRILLED that so many young women find solace in books these days, I'm worried about this generation that has grown up reading about irresponsible, codependent, unhealthy people... Yes, it's fiction, and no I don't expect fictional characters to be perfect OR perfectly realistic. I'm also not going to say it's wrong to write about "instant-love"...


Life imitates art... I believe that. Really, I do. So, instead of furthering antiquated stereotypes about the over-protective boyfriend saving the naive and incapable girl, I wanted to write a story where the girl is the hero. Not the 'heroine'... the hero. Someone who, while taking help from those around her, is still self sufficient. Someone who is still growing, and might make some mistakes but learns from them. Someone who has been dealt a really crappy hand in life, but doesn't let that define her.

A coming of age story. That's what my book is, first and foremost. Yes, there is a paranormal aspect (yeah, a big one). There's even a little romance thrown in. But my story is really about a broken girl discovering herself; discovering her path, her destiny. Everything else I consider a subplot (even if I'm the only one that does).

I'm going to step off my little soap-box now,

If you haven't yet, go read my book (you can click this LINK). If you have Amazon Prime, and a Kindle device, you can borrow it FOR FREE for the next few months.

Later this week I'll let you know about what I'm working on, so be sure to check back in here!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Illusions Begin REVIEW!!!!

So, this week has been... miserable? I mean, starting the week off with a 103degree fever and a diagnoses of strep throat will do that, right? And it comes at the BEST time in the world for it... by best I really mean worst possible.

This book has seriously been the highlight of my week. Well, that and antibiotics. But mostly the book.

I TORE through Becky's story yesterday. I mean, there were tons of other things I needed to do... like laundry, dishes (did I mention our dishwasher is broken?), or you know... bathing.... Okay I did that one, but only because I shoved my Kindle into a freezer bag and took it into the bath with me (yes, I'm a genius).

Illusions Begins, by N.L.Greene starts with a common childhood memory. We've all been to the circus, most of us have been dozens of times. But for 6 year old Katherine Rebbecca this is a pivotal moment in her structured life. She falls in love, at that young age, with the world of magic and it fundamentally affects her. As she grows, Becky comes to realize that magic isn't more than illusion, slight of hand, and well-thought tricks, but that realization doesn't decrease her fascination with the subject. In fact, she becomes obsessed with it, spending all her free time studying the masters of the craft, teaching herself the ins and outs of the industry by careful observation and unyielding determination.

But she does this all in secret, terrified of disappointing her loving parents. To them she is their brilliant daughter, poised to take over the family law firm after completing her degree in half the time. She is stifled by the double life she is leading, weighed down by guilt for not loving the dream career that she has. Because it's not her dream. It's not magic.

She is weighed down by the responsibility she has, tormented by her scumbag ex-fiance... and there's this mysterious guy that's been following her around. Appearing suddenly, and with impeccable timing, in a city as large as New York it's unlikely to be the same guy... impossible even. Why, only magic could make his too-frequent appearances possible, and everyone knows that magic isn't real.

So, go grab this book. Read it, love it, review it.

Find out more here.
GO buy it here. Now. Amazon- (yes, this will take you to the book page). 
Facebook- N.L. Greene T
witter- @AuthorNLGreene

And what's this? A chance to win freebies??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, ENTER ALREADY!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gathering Water... COVER REVEAL!!!

So, there it is. The cover for my upcoming book, Gathering Water. Props go to Bruce Gore of Gore Studios (Check out the interview I did with him HERE). Didn't he do a fabulous job?

My first book, a YA Fantasy, will be available at on February 1st. Keep reading for the synopsis, in case you missed my previous post about it! Also, go add Gathering Water to your 'want to read' shelf on Goodreads (here)!

There are plenty of things I could tell you about my life; plenty of things happened during my years in an inept foster care system. But my real story—when my life really began—started on the day I turned eighteen.

It was the day I discovered who I was. I learned my real name, my dead mother’s identity, and where we come from. These simple things prompted me to pack my meager belongings, hop on a plane, and come home to the dilapidated house in North Carolina that belonged to the mother I never knew.

Even though I have a home and a family for the first time, my thoughts are still burning with unanswered questions. Like why did my mother run away? Why the heck has my skin started to tingle every time it touches the water? And who—or what—is my father really? Because it definitely isn’t human--

And if all that weren’t enough, there’s this guy, Dove. Yeah, he might be a distraction from my true purpose, but when he offers a healing hand to sooth the damage from my past, I’m helpless to resist.

All I ever wanted was to know who I am, but my journey to self-discovery might just lead to the destruction of mankind.

My name is Della Doe Deare and this, well, this is my story.